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Norda is an innovative Canadian brand that focuses on creating top-quality trail running shoes. The brand was founded by passionate athletes Nick Martire and Willa Martire. Inspired by their own need for better shoes for challenging terrains and their own experience in shoe design, they decided to create a product that offers unparalleled performance and durability.

One of the unique aspects of Norda shoes is the use of high-quality materials like Dyneema and Vibram. Dyneema, known as the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, provides exceptional strength and durability without adding extra weight. This material makes the shoes not only robust but also incredibly light, which is essential for long trail runs. The Vibram soles offer excellent grip and stability on various surfaces, allowing runners to navigate rough terrain with confidence and safety.

Additionally, Norda is renowned for its outstanding and seamless  fit. The shoes are designed to perfectly conform to the contours of the foot, providing a snug and comfortable feel. The breathable and water-resistant properties of the materials contribute to comfort, even in the toughest conditions. This combination of innovative materials and thoughtful design makes Norda shoes a favorite among trail runners who want to get the best out of themselves and their gear.

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Logo Essential Basics


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